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Hey Everyone my website was off for maintenance from a while and today I just finish the whole new style. please check my website and all my social media to see the new update. wish you gonna like it.

also check my blog and my first blog post over there. thanks
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Tylon Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional Artist
Hi Osman!!!! Love the new site! I'm looking through it now to see all of your new updates. I eventually have to rework mine as well to get with the new technologies. :D

I do have some comments in respect to professionalism and what might not work well on that end. My concern would be on this end it would make people think differently of your representation which often tends to happen in the business world. In the long run- it could* allow people to not take you seriously or work with you (I had a similar instance when I didn't add a link to my water mark and somebody associated me with another artist who drew/ illustrated animal pornography). So I hope you do not find any of this offensive for me to say- i'm just thinking of some issues that could occur in the future due to the fact I have seen similar instances myself and would at the very least like to bring them to your attention :)

Firstly- in the intro I see ur a lot. I'm not sure if the idea is going with the new hip ways to word; but to play it safe I would make it your because you want to represent yourself to a professional industry; and often they look at how you spell. I once had the word "experience" spelt wrong which caused some havoc. Second- on your about page your picture portrays you with weaponry and while I can completely respect and understand that the picture is indeed a great photo and it may be historical- it could lead to a biased opinion of you seeing you are indeed a designer- not a museum leader or weaponry restoration service. A caption could work if you are involved with historical weaponry such as "me at the _____ event at the ancient weapons exhibit. I designed their __________ for them and their ______." to show you are involved; if the organization/ photo is from an event like that. It turns what could be a negative into a positive for you. I had a friend who once had a photo of him and his lover (he was indeed gay- a very controversial topic where I am) and he was rejected from work because of it; event though the companies didn't say anything and claimed the positions were suddenly "gone"; as soon as he revised his photo they had a different attitude towards him and his work. Another thing that might be beneficial to people finding you- I notice you do not have permalinks active. Are you using Wordpress? If so- there is a setting to allow your pages to show as text; so it would be for example /about and not /pg-107 .Also makes search engines find you better which means more potential work for you :) The portfolio main dosn't seem to be clickable; it might be a good idea to allow a full filterable portfolio so when/if somebody does click- they are blinded by ALL of your work. I know some people don't set it up that way; but I find if somebody is indeed interested in your work- it's just one more way to impress if they chose to click.

Blogs are VERY beneficial I find; I have people always commenting on mine and sad to say I haven't been too active with it. People and clients alike enjoy a personal connection- even if it's a simple sketch or an open ended question such as "how do you feel when it comes to client/ customer knows best?". Things that allow people to interact.

I hope some of these points could be of help to you. Granted it's not law or anything; but just based off some of my own experiences it seems clients look for certain specific things and I just worry in the long run- it could cause problems for you. You are a great person and have incredible work- and that is the last thing I would ever want to see for you. :)

Hope I can be of help! Can't wait to see what you will do next. :)

Keep up the great work!
osmanassem Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional
Dear Kristina. i can't believe myself. i have a very beautiful comment from you. i really missing u so much. i know you are super busy and that's why i don't like to bother you. i have a lot of news to share with you. i working now in some company called "Schindler Limited" its famous company for Elevators & escalators. u probably heard about it in USA. they install elevators all over the world. its Switzerland company. i work as engineering there not designer anymore. but i still have my love to art and i think anyway i keep working as engineering or i change my career to artist i will be artist in the end or the owner of art company. so i working as freelancer in my free time now. and its going good. i gonna make some free projects just because i have new ideas.

about your comments i really respect it very much and i understand it all. they are so useful and i will take them in concern for sure. i already start thinking about some of them.
i got a lot of comments today about it and the most shocking thing is my friends is finding some bugs on the mobile version. i made 2 versions of my website to fit mobile and tablets and computers. and the second most shocking thing is the permalink. i didn't know what is the benefit of this tool anyway in Wordpress. and i just know from you now. :) thank you so much for your help i will try to change it now.

i would like to reply to your comments. i know the problem of UR and your but i want the text in the slider to be small and catchy because the movement is so fast to attract the eyes and make people focus. that's why i want to write ur. second about my pic. that's really right i should or writing some comment to show people i were in a museum with my brother. or i may change it all. i even make some Gothic effect on the pic which make it worst. :D but anyway i don't care about clients right now. the small clients pay more money here in Egypt and i know how to get them. i already have 2 clients they are totally not professional but that's better than nothing. about my blog i thought it would be good idea to share some work secrets with follower but i'm not social person at all and it's hard for me to find followers. also i am not very good in talking and writing a lot of words i prefer pictures to express myself. so i have big problems with words. even my strategy promo text i got from a friend. i will go to some events soon about marketing and branding. i find myself very bad in marketing by words.

thank you so much my friend for your great advises i will try to take care of all of them and i will make it better soon. i think my new projects will be websites and some 3D natural scene and i wanna do some posters to motivate people to train gym or even train themselves better than being unhealthy. i have the idea but it will take long time. i will inform you when i am done from them.

so how r u my friend now and how is ur work and everything? wish u have great time. i can't wait too to see your new website. i am sure it will be amazing. and if u need any help just tell me. i have small experience in wordpress but i can help and i can help u with design if u like. good luck my dear and enjoy ur time.
Tylon Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional Artist
:) I miss talking to you! Don't ever feel funny messaging me- I would always be more than happy to talk to you!

Congrats on the job!!! That is awesome news! I too am in a different industry other than my intentional one (I now do packaging design) but I have learned so much- it's truly been an incredible experience.

Glad I could be of help! Can't wait to see your new work.

Hah the permalinks are great. If you have them enabled it will be so much easier to index. I also recommend installing some security plugins on your site cause Wordpress sites get hacked like CRAZY. I like WP Lockdown in conjunction with a back up/ scanner (Updraft is great for back ups). I could go on and on hah. Codecanyon has some great enhancements for wordpress as well. Somebody I know bought one of the bundle and gave me one of the plugins which works incredibly well.

If you are ever on Skype- message me! I will probably delete facebook because it is just not for me and people were trying to get a hold of me only on there- not by email or anything causing some problems. People tend to take social media way too seriously and I just find it to be distasteful.

I hope to hear from you soon! :)

osmanassem Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Professional
I go to Skype from time to time but i don't find u online. i didn't thought u will reply to me if i message you. but now i will. :)

i think working in different industry and work as designer in your free time is very good. it make me gain a lot of experience too. i know a lot about logos now. so working with professional company won't accept just the logo from you. they will need a long description and a full identify for the logo so they make sure 100% if this logo will fit their business or not. and i learn more about printing. i try to print now my business cards and it's the first time to print something. i used to let the client print his stuff. but now i really get a lot of experience. also now i got big experience about WordPress especially from you. i didn't know anything about this plugins. i just use "Coming Soon" Plugin to keep my website from the eyes until i finish the website.

i can't wait too to see your new website. your last website was amazing. Kristina Savasta website. so i think the new one will be totally great. i feel so excited.

i think using social media for friends and so on is very bad idea. i use social media just for business. i even know good people like you and Jessica but some people really wanna just bother you and use you. that's really so bad. i am not social person that's why my friend list is kinda always empty over any site.

i hope we can talk soon over skype. enjoy ur night. :)
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